Lord, I come to you asking for your will in my life. I pray that you will place your fingerprints on my life and people will see you. I pray that my motives be right Lord!
Lord, I am not sure what you are asking from me, but my heart is willing. I am not sure how to witness, or speak, but Lord I can write. I ask that my facebook posts be glorifying to you and that you will use them! I ask that your voice is heard and not mine. That everything I post or say is pointed to you and not myself. God cleanse me from deep within, so that my motives are pure and that my prayers line up with your will. I ask that no matter what happens in my life, the circumstances do not sway my trust and faith in you.
I ask that your character becomes mine. I ask that you become my everything. that my love and joy and peace and all the fruit of the spirit become more and more into my life that others will see it and wonder what is going on. Then I can be able totell them the goodness of you.

thank you for all you do Lord. I don’t even deserve it. I am nothing without you Lord and yet my pride seems to get in the way. I Ask Lord that you will take all of the things that are coming between you and I and toss them away. Lord help me to balance my life with wisdom. Help me to realize that its ok to enjoy life because you have made it for us! I ask that my bills and finances become better Lord. I don’t know how to budget at all God and I don’t want to do anything that would bring my family into more debt. Help me Lord to look to you and seek you even in my money.

I ask Lord that if it be your will to take away everything, that my faith would not be shaken. God give me a heart knowledge of you. I am so scared that I may be fooling myself. I never thought of you as a king. infact unless its about hell or the fear of going, I tend to come before you with demand rather than reverence. God help me to remember that you are my king, and not my servant! Help me to have the joy that others will see and desire.

Help me Lord! I need you more than anything! I need you to take over my marriage, my fear, my job, my bills, my life, my family, my church, my ministries….my everything!

God I give you total control……no matter what you need to do Lord give me the strength and courage to do it. I ask Lord that I long to come before you and open your word. I ask Lord that I desire to read and learn more than anything else. I want to stand before you one day and not be ashamed at how my life was lived.

I need more love Lord. I need your compassion. I need your patience and joy! holy spirit, I give you full control of my being. Do with me as you see fit. teach me to pray. teach me to love, teach me the joy of your salvation. Thank you for allowing me to remember the verses I have been going over. Help me to hide them in my heart.
I thank you for the joy and peace I have right now as I write this. Lord I ask that as I enter the work night, that you will be evident in my actions and my words. Keep my mouth quiet if it means down grading someone else Lord.

I thank you for loving me Lord. All I am, all I have, it is yours Lord.


Lord, thank you for what you are doing in my life. Thank yo ufor last night when kevin went and got the coolant. God I see your hand in that! I praise you Lord that he didn’t have to be talked too by the bigger bosses. I praise you lord for being with him. We don’t deserve this job! I do ask Lord that you would expand it if it be in your will. Please Lord, let him prosper in this!
Lord, I give you my job as well. I give you every aspect of my life Lord. I praise you for it all!

I come to you lord with such a insecure heart. I find that with the time rolling on, I get more and more insecure about myself. Help me to look to you. Lord help me to understand what that means. Please give me the wisdom to understand what I am hearing and reading in your word. Give me the desire to read and live and lead like you. Lord empower me with your courage. Empower me with the strength to be different in order to honor you!
God I am so done with being afraid of being different or being alone, or not being popular. I am only wanting to be like you Lord. God help me to be so consumed with you Lord. Allow me to enjoy the times you give me to relax, and at the times I need to work allow me to work with everything I have. Allow me to balance my worklife with my home life. Help me to be the woman kevin needs.
God I bring to you this trip in march…..I am not sure when they are going to get the tickets Lord, I don’t want to worry about it. I give this to you Lord. You already took care of the ticket, now I trust you to take care of the time.

I give to you our finances. Lord, I ask that you allow me not to spend as much. I always feel like I am not making any progress, but Lord I believe I am! I trust that you are in control. I praise you Lord for taking care of the springleaf! I praise you Lord for always providing.  I praise you for always working. You have helped my anxiety tremendously. Lord I am so amazed.

God allow me to become to awestruck as the song says when I mention your name, when I think of you. Help me never to become expectant and take you for granted Lord. allow me to be the hands and feet of you Lord. Give me your heart! Allow me to love those around me.

I thank you Lord for Melissa at work Lord. I cannot believe how my heart has warmed to her. I pray that my heart will do that with everyone I come in contact with .Lord give me the wisdom to know who you want me to be around and who would hinder me though. Allow me though to shine for you and show your love. Please don’t let me mess up what you are trying to create. Allow me not to be the reason your people turn from you. Forgive me for the times I ruined anything you wanted done, or chose to say no.
I thank you so much Lord for the fact that you love me. that you forgive me. that your grace is with me.


Lord, tonight I am lonely. am I doing something wrong? Am I not being friendly enough? I tried with tiffany, but it was impossible with joe and her not wanting to be friends. I tried with Julie, but she has so much going on. Do you have a friend for me? am I neglecting  someone I should be friends with?

Lord, am I pleasing you with what I do everyday? I often think I am just not good enough. What would people have to say if they were at my funeral? I just don’t see my worth Lord. I don’t see any value in myself.

I am not wanting to believe this of course, but its in my heart. nothing I Am doing is making a lasting effect in my mind. However,  Lord I am doing it for you. you said whatever I do for the least, I do it for you. Could thi smean what I did today? taking connie her favorite candy?

Maybe it does. So Lord, I will trust you. I don’t believe this wed. night study is for me Lord. I am thinking I should just for now, stick with the sunday school. I am just going to trust you Lord for friends, and my future. Lord, I worry sometimes deep inside. I worry about if we will have the money, if we will make it alone. I am worried about kevin’s possible talk on Monday. Lord, could you allow him to not get talked too? Could you make it possible for him to just not get spoken too? But Lord, if its in your will, please be with him that day. I know it will make him feel horrible Lord. Please Lord, just comfort him. Lord he does such a good job. I am so thankful for him Lord.

Tonight I place all these things in your hands. But Lord, whatever it takes for me to be like you, let it be.


Father, I had such a great time today. I cannot believe the fun we had! My anxiety was calm until I kept thinking about work. I never meant too, but from time to time Brandon and the job slipped into my brain. Lord, I am so uncomfortable with him, yet I don’t feel like I have the right to say anything because there is nothing to say. His attitude isn’t a reason to bring him up. This makes me nervous because I don’t like people who tell me what I should and should not do. I cant always help how I smile or don’t.

Anyways, my mind slip to the dentist as well. Lord, I don’t want that day to come. I am scared of what needs to be done. Will we be able to afford it? how many will need work done?
Then I feel ugly Lord. I feel fat and unwanted. I feel like I am not beautiful or anything like that.

please take these burdens. Thank you Lord for doing so. I thank you so much Lord for the day today. the fact that you allowed us and myself to enjoy it, was wonderful.

Lord, I feel like I Don’t measure up. I just feel like I don’t fit in with others.
God show me how to have compassion. Tomorrow we go visiting Lord, and I ask for your compassion, love, grace. Make me a servant. I love you lord and I give you all of me.


Father I thank you so much for today. I thank you for the peace you have given me. I thank you for being in control. I thank you for loving me, and providing and choosing to make a way for things. I praise you for the insurance I have for dental! I do ask for wisdom for the doc and myself. To know which teeth are worth working on. God I am not sure what to do with this. I need a crown, I need a root canal or many… I am not even sure what to do. My coverage is only so much.

I remember in your word today that you will allow confidence and quietness. I am choosing to do that today. I am choosing to not let my heart be stirred by fear. I praise you for the strength you give. I don’t deserve it Lord. I thank you for the dentist being a woman. I am very grateful for that.

Lord, on my heart is Brandon. I feel so uncomfortable with his attitude. I don’t want to talk to him, yet he seeks me out. God today I am choosing to be a wife of integrity. I thank you for the forgiveness of my past mistakes and what could have happened. I thank you for my husband today. He is a hard worker, a wonderful man. I thank you Lord for the fact we have enough money to go to the aquarium. please calm my heart there. Allow it to be a good time for us all.

I pray for my mom as well. Lord this thing with Cathy is just ridiculous. I don’t understand my sister. Lord, I don’t like her. Please allow me to focus on you during this time. Please allow that for my mom as well. Help her to have the confidence she needs to enjoy the time she has with those she has around her. allow her to remember who you are and that you love her. Thank you for ms Lois lord. she is such agood friend and a great example of a friend for my mom. I ask that you would build their relationship if it be your will.
I thank you for my life Lord. I pray for my job. I pray that I would do the job in a way that pleases you. I ask that you allow me to prosper here. thank you for providing each payday. thank you for loving me and being with me in this job. thank you for allowing me to do things I thought I would never do! Thank you for keeping me safe on the way home at night. for watching me.
Lord, I don’t feel so well, but not bad enough to call in. Please make a way, if you see fit, to do repairs tonight. I am not wanting to call in God, but I ask that you would allow repairs tonight. lay it on the person who does the assignment’s heart. please Lord. I love you lord, thank you for who you are and what you do!



Lord, today I feel conviction. I feel as though I should not go tomorrow night. I feel like I am worthless and messed up. I am. Only because of You am I ever given second and third chances. My emotions are just that……I claim the verse I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I claim the verse to give thanks in everything. So control my tongue so that I wont complain. allow myself the room to improve. Allow myself to not focus on myself. I give you all control. no matter what you ask I want to do. give me the strength to do that.
Lord, I give you my emotions. I give to you my failures and messes. I ask Lord thatyou bring forth a woman of God. take my pride Lord. Take my old nature. Replace it with Joy and peace! Give me your heart oh Lord, please! Allow my old nature to fade away.

I give you my fears. I give you my old self. I give to you my fears of failing. Of being unloved. Lord, please allow me to understand your love.


Lord, thank you for today! thank you for ms lois being ok. Thank you for the sermon Lord. I ask forgiveness for many times you have asked me to do something or speak something and I chose not too. I ask forgiveness for being a hypocrite as I so often am. God empower me with your love. Empower me with your boldness. But Lord empower me with your words, and how you would handle my life as though you were living it.

Lord don’t let my humanity mess up your plans for using me. Don’t let me waver! holy spirit empower me this day and each day forward.

Lord, I am sorry for how I box things, how I put things on a scale. Lord, I give you my ministries. Whatever they may be, Lord empower me to do the job. I pray for my ministry in marriage. I pray Lord that I will be the wife kevin needs and deserves. Lord a vessel for you. Father help me to hear his heart and understand him. Help me to be the light in our marriage. Help me to minister to him daily.
God, I ask that you melt kevin’s heart for you! forgive me for when I messed it up! Forgive me for wandering eyes, not just at men but at things! Forgive me for a heart of discontent. Forgive me father!

I pray for the school I will be going to next week. Help me to be alert and energized. Lord, I will be working the night before, so I pray that you will work everything out. The time we are out that night, to the time I am able to sleep. Lord, Whatever I will be doing next week, I pray for a joyful spirit without complaining! I pray to be a light, and your workman.
Lord, I am worried about the heat and working outdoors. So lord I ask that if it is possible and your ok with it, please allow me to work indoors, but Lord, if you see that I am ok with working outside, then God allow me to remain cool and able to do what needs to be done.
Lord, if anything I have asked or prayed today does not line up with your will, then Lord teach me the right words.

I pray for the visitation party on Tuesday and thank yo uthat I have it off. I also thank you Lord that I am apart of it. Lord, please keep me from pride and a big head. Allow me to be humble and remember to serve others. Forgive me when I pout and wine.
I ask that your will be in this. Lord I want to serve, my heart is right, but at times I don’t know what my gifts and talents are. I believe it’s encouragement as one, so I want you to use that if that is the case. Lord, I give you full control and ask that I am an ambassador for you on this earth. Lord I don’t want to have any regrets when I die. I want to hear well done from you Lord.
Please allow me to lay down my crown before you with no shame! Please let my rewards reflect my life. God I am sorry that I am not doing more. I pray Lord that since I am still young I will see what needs to change now so I can stand before you on my death bed ready to see you and hear well done!


Lord Icome before you and ask that you fill me with your spirit. Give me a heart, a genuine heart for worship. Please let today be about you and not myself. Lord, open the ears of my heart so that I will take what is spoken today and apply it. No matter what happens today, may I follow you the way you desire. Thank you for loving me Lord, thank you for seeing me as something more than unlovable.


LOrd, thank you. thank you for grace! Thank you for my husbands grace towards me. Lord, please allow me to do the same. I am so thankful for a man who can love me that way.

I pray Lord that you will show me what I need to do. Holy spirit guide my life. Forgive me for being stupid.
I pray Lord that I will become the wife I need to be. Show me how to do that. I just am not sure how to do that. Thank you for your love, your grace, your hope!

I choose to be molded by you Lord. I choose to be guided by your spirit. I choose wisdom and obedience. How can I do that? help me Lord.  


Lord, this really bothers me what cathy and steve did. I don’t understand how they could knowingly put people in danger and think that they deserve sympathy.
I am not sure how to handle it Lord, but it really bugs me when mom steps in and tries to do things for them. as if to feel sorry for them. Lord, soften my heart towards them as you have been, because I cant get over how people, including myself can get away with things. they aren’t going to say, “oh wow maybe we should just do it the right way.” nope they are going to blame, at least my sister will, everyone else and then have a pity party if he goes back to rehab.

all she had to do was get him some prescribed sleeping pills. that’s it. Now its going to be poor schoonover family. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. maybe I am a horrible person lord, but I just don’t.

I wish we never moved up here at all. I wish we would have moved somewhere else. why is lynn going through so much crap and is so faithful….and cathy who isn’t seems to be the center of the focus?
God Iknow I need to love, and I am willing to do that, but what do you do when it seems like people continue to do the same thing over and over? Am I supposed to say, oh well you should not have to answer for it?
I know I will if I keep behaving as I have been.,…..but why don’t they? I should not be excited they finally got caught, but I am. I am sorry he has to lose his job, but if she would have just done what was the right thing, it would have worked out.
Help me to look past this lord, because mike and les are coming and it is going to get worse. I just don’t understand why we have to live here? why did I ever want to move here Lord? its just going to be them against the “Christian girl”.

I pray that cathy will surrender her walk to you Lord. I pray that she will stop doing it herself, and start doing it your way.

I pray Lord that steve will become a Christian. Lord, I don’t know why shes not being an example and trying.

I pray lord that I too will be an example for you. that I wont be a hypocrite as I have been.
I pray Lord for my mouth and keeping it shut. Help me know when to speak and when not too.

and I pray for my frustrations with my mom. it seems like most in my family do what is right when its convenient and if it means standing for the truth, they don’t.